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The Battle of Golovchin

On July 3 1708 near the village of Golovchin (Belynichi, Mogilev Region) Swedish King Karl XII won his last prominent victory. 12,500 Swedish warriors beat hollow the 39,000-strong Russian army led by General Menshikov and Field Marshal Sheremetyev.

The battle was described by Walter.

There is a local legend saying that on the night before the battle the Russian attempted to predict the outcome using black magic. They set fire to gunpowder and gazed at the shapes of the smoke. However, that would not work and the battle was lost.

The victory in the battle of Golovchin enabled the Swedes to reach the River Dnieper. It was not only the Russian army that suffered casualties as a result of the battle. The Castle of Golovchin, positioned on a hill in the valley of the River Vabich, was burned down never to be rebuilt.

There used to be 15 Christian churched and cathedrals near the village of Golovchin in the XVII century, both Orthodox and Catholic. However, they disappeared along with the castle.

There are least three burial sites in Golovchin referred to by the locals as “Swedish graves”.

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