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Battle near the Village of Lesnaya

The Northern War left traces near the village of Lesnaya (Slavgorod District, Mogilev Region). A few obelisks stand there in memory of the battle between the Russian troops lead by Tsar Peter the Great and the 16,000-strong corps led by Swedish General Lewenhaupt.

The battle near the Village of Lesnaya (September 28 1708) was called the mother of the Battle of Poltava, where the Russians beat Swedes. In that fight the Swedes lost over 9,000 warriors and transport wagons with a three-month stock of foodstuffs, artillery and ammunition for army of Karl XII.

Two centuries after the battle in 1908 they erected a memorial at the former battlefield: Apostle Peter’s Chapel and the statue of a Russian eagle with the Swedish banner in his claws.

There is also an marble obelisk on the common grave.

The battlefield along with the museum is a popular tourist attraction in Mogilev Region.

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