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Belynichi Forestry invites hunters

Total area – 140,000 hectares (fields, meadows, forests and shrubs).

Spring: wood grouse and black cock,

Summer and autumn: boar, roe, partridge and water fowl,

Autumn and winter: deer, elk, boar, hare, fox and wolf.

Accommodation available at a wooden cottage (for 6 guests) located on the bank of the local river Oslik (three bedrooms, billiards, a kitchen, a refrigerator, a gas oven, tableware). Cook available.

The daily accommodation free makes BYR 22,600 per person in summertime and BYR 27,800 in winter.

Assistance of a professional hunter – BYR 6,890 per hour, transport services – BYR 6,210.

There is a sauna (BYR 5,590).

Address: 48, Sovetskaya Street, Belynichi,
Mogilev Region, 213051,
Tel./fax: (02232) 5-42-56, 5-14-05

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