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Bykhov district is located in the south of Mogilev region and occupies the area of 2.3 thousand sq km. The district borders on Kirov, Mogilev, Chaussy, Slavgorod districts of Mogilev region and Rogachev district of Gomel region. It was founded on July 1, 1924. The district consists of 189 rural settlements and 14 rural councils. The population is 35.2 thousand people. Bykhov is the district centre. Situated 50 km far from Mogilev.

History of Bykhov

The town was founded at a site of an ancient settlement (called in Russian “gorodische”), and was first mentioned in chronicles in 1430. There are many legends about the name of the town. The most popular one says that the locals used to hide in the fortifications in that area – “Here “byl khov”, or there was a shelter. Bykhov was the site where merchants used to stop to have a rest on their way down the Dnieper.

Being situated on the trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks, Bykhov town was of strategic importance. In the 15-17th c.c. it belonged to the Gastoldus princes, Sigismund I the Old, the Sapegas. At the end of the 16th с. construction of fortifications and a Roman-Catholic church was started. During the Russian-Polish war of 1654—67, the Northern war of 1700—21 Bykhov was an important strategic centre. In 1781 the coat of arms of the town was approved. Since 1924 Bykhov is the centre of the district.

Economic activity of Bykhov town and district

Industrial enterprises of the district produce spirit, butter, dried milk, starch, cans, textiles, briquette. Agriculture specializes in meat and milk cattle breeding, grain-crops, potatoes.

Tourist sphere of Bykhov town and district:

There are 192 architectural, war and archeological monuments in Bykhov district. Among the most interesting are: Synagogue in Bykhov town, late Renaissance architectural monument; Bykhov castle; Svyato-Troitskaya church (Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity), built in the mid-19th c.; Kazanskaya Bozhiya Mater Orthodox Church (Kazan Blessed Virgin Orthodox Church) at Barkolabovo village of Bykhov district, built in 1904 in brick; Grudinovski palace and park complex.

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