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The chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee Peter Rudnick tells about the prospects and plans for the nearest future

The chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee Peter Rudnick tells about the prospects and plans for the nearest future.

— What do you consider to be the most important for yourself after the assumption of the office?

— To do my best for the region to hold out the positions it has reached lately. I am not going to abuse statistics but we can’t do without them. Mogilev region industrial output increased by 14%, agribusiness output grew by 9%. Mogilev region commissioned 453 thousand square meters of houses. Comparing with the results of the year 2007, export of goods increased by 8%, export of services went up by 45%. I am aware that the office of the chairman of the regional executive committee requires twofold efforts from me. After all we are to hold out the positive dynamics of development of the society. I won’t mention all the prognosed indices. I’ll name just some of them. For instance, the rise in the volume of the industrial production by the end of the year 2009 must be not less then by 13.5 %. We plan to expand housing construction considerably – by 580 000 sq. m.; to speed up the foreign-economic activity.

- How do these prospects correspond to the foreign-economic reality?

- The world economic crisis shouldn’t be supposed to pass the region. We’ll have to work hard because of the difficult conditions of the day. On the other hand, we are to stimulate our producing companies. To produce the product is important, but to sell it is considered to be the most important task today. That’s why maximum efforts are to be made to modernize and to renovate the main production funds. Introduction of innovation technologies are also of great importance. These measures can minimize the losses resulting from the crisis of the world financial system. Moreover, one more urgent problem is to be solved. We should reduce the amount of the goods at the warehouses. We’ll consider all available factors and means to sell everything.

- What reserves and possibilities are you going to use to make Mogilev region’s work stable?

- There are reserves. Hydrocarbon prices dramatically went down. It means we can minimize the expenses and improve agribusiness and processing outputs. The demand for food-stuff remains high; it’s a very serious factor. The situation makes us hit our investments targets. We know that regional resources are not boundless. That’s why we should attract foreign investments – the more, the better. Everything we’ll do should fill the budget enough to support our welfare programs. I don’t say it for effect. A person – with all his urgent serious and less serious problems – is in the centre of our state policy.

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