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The Construction Section of the International Investment Forum “Mogilev Region – Area for Open Partnership” is featuring a city improvement plan for Mogilev’s downtown area, Interfax-West has learnt from the city administration.

The plan will focus on redeveloping the Dubrovenka River estuary in the downtown area of Mogilev, according to architect Roman Beliatski.

In his words, the territory will be improved in five consecutive stages, initiated by a project to build a business centre near Hotel Mogilev.

The next stage would be to construct a micro district with housing for 8,000 families on the banks of the Dubrovenka River, which will come to replace the present-day private housing sector.

The third stage involves pulling down the city market and building a new trade centre with an indoor parking centre.

The 9th International Investment Forum will start in Mogilev on October 9, with a group of foreign businessmen coming to partake in the venue.

Businessmen from Austria, Hungary, China, Serbia, Poland, Russia, as well as representatives of the world’s leading banks, business associations, chambers of commerce and industry are going to take part in the forum.

The leading banks of Belarus, such as Belarusbank, Belagroprombank, Belvneshekonombank, Priorbank, BelSwissBank are expected to participate in the forum, too.

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