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Department for Housing and Utilities

The Department for Housing and Utilities is a structural subdivision of Mogilev Region Administration.

The department operates within the framework of Mogilev Region Administration and the Ministry for Housing and Utilities of Belarus.

The department is a state management body for implementing the government’s policy on housing, homeowners associations and land management.

The department supervises activities by the local executive bodies, which implement the state housing policy on the local level and reinforce technical standards in the housing sector.

The department pursues the following goals and priorities:

  • Implement the state policy on housing management and utilities supply;
  • Implement the government’s economic policy on housing stock management, housing repairs and maintenance;
  • Reinforce a single set of standards for housing and utilities;
  • Make sure the customers get the full range of quality services;
  • Facilitate the timely maintenance of the housing infrastructure, improve the quality of housing services, diversify the range of services available.
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