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Deputy chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee Valery Anatoliyevich Malashko

Valery Anatoliyevich Malashko was born in 1966 in Grodno City. He graduated from the Minsk State Medical Institute where his specialty was pediatrics; the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus where his specialty was state management in social sphere. In January 2009 Valery Anatoliyevich Malashko was appointed the deputy chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee. Before the appointment Valery Malashko was the head of the Public Health Office of Mogilev regional executive committee.

Valery Malashko is a delegate of the Regional Council of delegates.

Valery Malashko manages a social and cultural sphere, press, health rehabilitation, treatment at health resorts, public health, education, culture, sports and tourism, social security of population, labor security arrangement, ideology work, youth policy, mass media.

Reception phone number: 8-0222-32-66-52

Valery Anatoliyevich Malashko manages development of social and cultural spheres, ideology work, education, public health care, sports and tourism, publishing, health rehabilitation, public sanitaria and health questions including children’s health rehabilitation abroad, humanitarian aid, labour and social protection, state youth’s policy, mass media.

Valery Anatoliyevich controls realization of the Regulation of the President of Belarus from March 11 2004 № 1 “About measures to strengthen public safety and discipline” and the Decree of the President of Belarus from November 24 2006 № 18 “About additional measures for state protection of children in problem families” in the regional authorities; departments, local executive and administrative organs.

Valery Anatoliyevich Malashko provides supervision over the region’s investment activity, realization of state and regional programs (plans) including including complex modernization of organizations to direct activity of the subordinate regional divisions and departments of the regional executive committee.

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