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Diadem of Friendship International Folklore Festival

Ten years ago the land of Mogilev played host to an authentic folklore festival of Belarus’ Transdniepr Region, which was destined to develop into a multi-cultural fete of many an ethnic group.

The festival is the fruit of painstaking efforts to preserve the region’s folklore heritage.

In the last few years the festival has seen presentations by 50 amateur folklore groups from Belarus, Smolensk, Bryansk, Tula, Tver, Krasnodar Region of Russia, Moldavia, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Truskavets and Vladimiretsk of Ukraine.

In 2005 the festival hosted folklore groups from Bulgaria, Germany and Turkey – a total of 30 groups.

The festival starts with individual presentations and ends up with a festive gala concert.

Diadem of Friendship is held annually, in June, and makes a tour of the entire of Mogilev Region.

Since 2003 the permanent host of the festival has been the town of Bobruisk, founded in the XIV century.

Sightseeing and accommodation in Bobruisk:

The major tourist attraction in town is the Fortress of Bobruisk built in 1810 by order of Russian tsar Alexander I. Other sights: the White Church, a Roman Catholic church.

Bobruisk boasts a local history museum, a regional drama and comedy theatre.

Accommodation in Bobruisk:

  • Hotel Bobruisk (97/26 Ulitsa Sovietskaya Street),
  • Hotel Bobruiskagromash (90 Ulitsa Ulyanovskaya Street),
  • Hotel Phoenix (46а Ulitsa Ordzhonikidze Street),
  • Hotel Yubileinaya (26 Ulitsa 50 liet VLKSM Street).

There is a railway station and a bus central in the town. There are few minor railway lines crossing Bobruisk District.

The River Berezina near Bobruisk is navigable.

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