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Dubravenka resort of the Mogilev Branch of Belarusian railways

The resort is located in a splendid pinewood not far from the city of Mogilev.

There is a hostel (comfortable rooms, TV-sets in halls, luxury suites), the first floor of which is occupied by a medical department.

The resort specializes in cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, gastroenterological, gynecological, endocrine system disorders, locomotor system and kidney illnesses.

The resort has two unique mineral water wells. Sodium chloride water derived from a 400-metre-deep well has practically the same composition as sea water and is used to fill the swimming pool.

This water, cleared from ferrous content with the help of the resort’s unique water purification installation, works wonders on patients suffering from joint aches.

The other well (600 metres) is a source of water rich in sulphur, magnesium and calcium (beneficial for inner organs of the body, helps decrease radionuclide content).

The water healing department offers a wide range of massage shower procedures and baths, as well as a sauna with two swimming pools.

All medical procedures are available every day till 8 p.m.

The resort also offers cosmetology services.

The resort has two dining halls (160 seats), one of them offers a diet menu. All foodstuffs are organic, they are brought from a nearby located farm called Avangard. Herbal tea (50 milliliters) is served before breakfast.

The resort has a billiards room and a gym.

The administration regularly organizes dancing parties, concerts, song and poetry festivals. Patients may also visit the city of Mogilev (St Stanislav’s Cathedral, St Nicholas’ Nunnery, museums, a picture gallery).

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