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The unemployment rate in Mogilev Region fell by 0.3 percentage points in 2006 to 1.5% as of January 1 2007, the regional employment service told Interfax.

As of late December 2006, the number of the unemployed stood at 7,400 people, which is 1.8% less than in January-December 2005, specified the source. 64.4% of the unemployed are women.

There were 1.9 unemployed persons per one vacancy registered with the state employment agencies (3.1 as of late December 2005). 75.8% of vacancies were manual labour jobs.

In the meantime, in January-December 2006 state employment agencies assisted 38.6 thousand people in finding a job.

In January-December 2006 12.6 thousand people were recruited for public work, including 8.3 thousand unemployed persons.

The state employment agency of Mogilev said there is a disparity in the supply and demand on the employment market.

The largest part of the unemployed are people, who have been without a job for a long time, young people with no working experience, women with children and physically challeneged people.

The average dole in December 2006 stood at BYR 44.3 thousand.

The highest rate of unemployment was registered in Krasnopolye and Kostuikovichi.

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