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Extreme Park

Mogilev, Fatin Street, 8-0222-22 -18 -77

Founder of Extreme Park – Igor Avetchenko (cell phone: 626 69 07)

If you are looking for some thrill, you should visit Mogilev’s Extreme Park. It is the best place to test your car, your bike and your stamina.

Extreme-style drivers have at their disposal a complicated track with sand, hill and mud sections.

The track is located in a ravine, which allows viewers to watch the race at a safe distance. The amphitheatre of the Extreme Park has 50-60 thousand seats. The park regularly hosts jeep trial races (sponsored by the National Olympic Committee of Belarus) and the international motocross organized in honor of Konstantin Simonov, famous poet of the past century. Snowmobile and quadrocycle races are expected to be arranged in the near future. There is a training group for children over 9.

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