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General information


Mogilev Region was formed on January 15, 1938. The present boundaries of the region were set in January 1964. The region has an area of 29,100 square kilometers. The population of the region is 1.1 million people (70% urban residents).

Mogilev Region is divided into 21 districts. It has 15 cities and 9 towns. The largest cities are Mogilev, Bobruisk, Osipovichi and Krichev.

Motorways and railways connect Mogilev Region with Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States.

There are three navigable rivers – the Dnieper, the Berezina and the Sozh.

In addition, there is an airport with a runway designed for IL-76, TU-204, TU-154, TU-134, AN-24 and YAK-40 planes and a customs checkpoint.

Mogilev Region guests have at their disposal:

  • around 40 hotels, motels;
  • over 40 restaurants, bars and cafes;
  • dancing clubs;
  • theatres, concert halls, museums and art galleries.

Favorable geographic position, great industrial and agricultural potential and hard-working people have made Mogilev Region one of Belarus’ best developed regions.

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