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International Animated Cartoons Festival ANIMAYOVKA


Mogilev is also known as a host of a prominent international event in the world of animated cartoons. Toons producers annually come flocking together in Mogilev to show off their latest works and see how their foreign counterparts are doing.

The first ever ANIMAYOVKA was held in 1998. The name of the festival was derived from the words ‘animation’ and ‘May’. Indeed, the first two festivals were indeed held in May. However, later on the organisers decided to move the festival to September for some reason.

The latest ANIMAYOVKA was held September 21-23 2006, with representatives of 22 animated cartoons studios taking part (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia).

There is a professional jury to choose winners in different nominations, including “The Best Animated Cartoon for Children”, “The Best Experimental Cartoon”, “Master’s Prize”, “Spectators’ Choice”.

Besides cartoon presentations, the festival includes an event-packed programme for children, amateurs and professionals.

For instance, they hold contests for children in different nominations: “I’m Drawing My Favourite Cartoon”, “Best Presentation of a Cartoon Music Theme”.

Besides, they hold meetings with cartoon makers in Mogilev, Bobruisk, Gorki, Krichev.

ANIMAYOVKA is a festival to bring together animated cartoon producers from different states and create an atmosphere of carefree childhood in Mogilev.

Sightseeing and Accommodation in Mogilev:

  • Hotel Lira (45 Leninskaya Street) – located in the city centre,
  • Hotel KIM (27 Ulitsa Lazarenko Street) – European class,
  • Hotel Signal (2 Ulitsa Kutepova Street),
  • Hotel Turist (6 Prospekt Pushkina Avenue),
  • Hotel Khimvolokno (20 Prospekt Schmidta Avenue),
  • Hotel Mogotex (72Ulitsa Grishina Street),
  • Hotel Severyanka (5 Pereulok mechnikova Lane).

Mogilev is a city of a bus central, a railway station and an airport. Those willing to attend Golden Hit activities should seek assistance from tourist agencies.

Architectural monuments are virtually scattered about the city.

The must-see list includes

  • St Onufri’s Church (18th century),
  • St Boris and St Gleb’s Church (19th century),
  • Archbishop Georgi’s House (18th century),
  • St Stanislav’s Roman Catholic Cathedral (18th century),
  • a memorial arch (18th century),
  • St Nicola’s Monastery (17th century),
  • Regional Theatre (19th century),
  • Agricultural Bank (early 20th century).

You may choose to visit Romanov’s Local History Museum and the Regional Museum of Art.

There a WWII memorial on the outskirts of the city called Buinichi Field, a zoo, a model medieval village.

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