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Klichev District Executive Committee

Klichev District Executive Committee


Mogilev region, 213910, Klichev,

56 Leninskaya St.,

Tel. (+375 2236) 52968

Curator of the project – Shibeko V.D., Deputy chairman of Klichev District Executive Committee

Name of the project:

Organization of manufacture on pouring of mineral and potable water in Klichev district of Mogilev region

Goal of the project:

building of a new enterprise and organization of manufacture on pouring of mineral and potable water

Short description:

4 wells of mineral water are prospected on the territory of the district , from 130 to 300 m deep. Resources of underground mineral and potable water are calculated by 50 year term of operation

Presumptive form of investor’s participation in the project:
direct foreign investments

Cost of the project – 5.9mln. $

Need for investments – 5.9mln. $

Investment usage line:

elaboration of design documents, building and assembly works, purchase of manufacturing equipment

Project realization terms -1.5 years

Project recoupment terms –3.5 years

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