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Land of Varied Cultural Heritage

Mogilev Region is home to numerous historical and architectural monuments.

In 2006 the land of Mogilev play host to Dozhinki (Harvest Festival, which literally means ‘post-harvesting’) - an ancient rite typical of all agricultural nations. In Belarusian cuisine there are special Dozhinki dishes and songs dedicated to this festival.


The Harvest Festival of today is a farm fair, when the whole country greets farmers for their selfless labour. The Harvest Festival is the time when the winners of numerous agricultural contests get their prizes.

In 2007 it will be Shklov to host activities dedicated to the Day of Belarus’ Written Language.


The Day of Belarus’ Written Language is a holiday closely linked to the history of Belarus.

The holiday programme is usually abundant in various activities, including new book presentations, exhibitions dedicated to book-printing, arts & crafts fairs, lotteries and contests.

Within the framework of the holiday they annually hold a countrywide expedition called “The Road to Sacred Places with the Holy Sepulcher’s Divine Fire”. The route, which stretches from Minsk to the “holiday capital” is chosen and blessed by the Head of the Orthodox Christian Church of Belarus.

By tradition, the holiday capital is an ancient town of Belarus with impressive spiritual and material cultural heritage.

Every year prominent figures (high-ranking officials, ministers, ambassadors, scientists, artists and people of art) of Belarus and neighbouring states attend the venue.


The hospitable land of Mogilev regularly hosts numerous international festivals.

Once in two years the steady pace of life of Mogilev residents changes rapidly as the city gets hit by the wave of a retro discotheque in the shape of GOLDEN HIT IN MOGILEV music festival.

The festival, which a two- or three-day event, is usually held in early November. The festival usually includes the Night of Romances.

The gem of the latest festival was a Latin Carnival programme presented by a group from Brazil.

The 10th jubilee festival Golden Hit will be held in Mogilev in 2007.

Every year, Klimovichi, a town with a bee on its emblem, has been hosting GOLDEN BEE Children’s Art Festival since 1995. Young talented artists from all over Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Latvia and other states visit Klimovichi to partake in the art festival.

In June Mogilev hosts Diadem of Friendship International Folklore Festival - an authentic folklore festival of Belarus’ Transdniepr Region, which gradually developed into a multi-cultural fete of many an ethnic group.

The festival is the fruit of painstaking efforts to preserve the region’s folklore heritage.

Mogilev is also known as a host of a prominent international event in the world of animated cartoons. Toons producers annually come flocking together in Mogilev to show off their latest works and see how their foreign counterparts are doing.


Mogilev’s Church of St Stanislav annually hosts the festival of church music called Mahutny Bozha (God Almighty) that attracts tourists from all parts of Belarus, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and many non-CIS states. The objective of the festival is to unite the Christian world.

The region’s cultural life is represented by three theatres, 24 museums, around 600 other culture-related facilities.

The library stock of Mogilev counts 9,311.6 items.

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