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Last Capital of the Russian Empire

Every city has its own historical symbols. These can be either architectural monuments or prominent people of different epochs, who greatly influenced the destiny of their city.

Replying on historical records and facts, one can assert that before the Russian Empire dismantled in 1917 it had had its capital seated in Mogilev for 18 months.

In 1915-1917 Mogilev was there to host the supreme military government – the Tsar Headquarters. Russia’s last Tsar Nikolai II and his family were permanently based in Mogilev during that period. It is not until recently that certain facts of their “metropolitan” life have become known.

The Last Capital of the Russian Empire is a new tourist route around Mogilev. During the tour that spans three hours one gets a bus rides and enjoys relaxed walks in the company of a friendly tour guide.

One will see places where Russia’s last emperor and his family used to walk.

You will hear some unbelievable but true stories about the Royal Family and why number 17 was thought to bring bad luck to Tsar Nikolai II.

While visiting St Nikola’s Monatery, you will have a chance to see the canvas picturing Nikolai II.

You will also be taken on a tour of Mogilev Drama Theatre frequently visited by the Royal family.

Extra services:

  • Ethnography Museum
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Bird’s Eye View of Mogilev – plane tour
  • Boat Ride on the River Dnieper
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