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The idea to start a football tournament for kids was voiced by a Soviet newspaper back in 1964, when they encouraged youth to join in football teams and compete against local counterparts.

The first year saw 50,000 teams competing, with other 1 million boys participating.

A lot of Soviet football stars started their carrier kicking the ball in a game within the framework of the Leather Ball Tournament.

Belarus has opted to sustain the old Soviet tradition by turning Leather Ball into a regular sporting activity on the local level, intended to promote healthy lifestyles, prevent violent crime and popularise football.

Leather Ball is an amateur tournament for kids. It starts on the level of schools, then it is an interdistrict competition. After that they reach the city level. After an interregional round quarterfinals, they organise a national championship.

Mogilev would host a few final rounds of Leather Ball.

There are usually six teams taking part in the final round, all winners of intermediary stages of the tournament.

The venue is arranged for by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Belarus, the Department for Sports and Physical Culture of the region concerned.

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