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Lenin Resort

The resort is located in the town of Bobruisk on the right bank of the river Berezina.

The resort has two five-storey hostels with single, double suites and luxury suites.

The resort specializes in disorders of the locomotor apparatus, peripheral nervous system, gastroenterological, urological and gynecological disorders, as well as eczemas, illnesses of the respiratory system, metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity, etc.).

The resort has a clinical and biochemical laboratory; electrocardiography, fibrogastroduodenoscopy, ultrasound, iridium diagnostics available.

Physiotherapy department offers anti-cellulite programs, massage, reflex therapy, psychotherapy, manual therapy (thermal relaxation and spinal stretch). Medical consultations available.

The resort also provides various types of healing baths, showers, dry carbon oxide baths, mud therapy, rehabilitation sporting classes, dentist’s services.

The resort has four wells of mineral water that works wonders on patients suffering from joint aches, nervous disorders, live and pancreas illnesses, gastroenterological and metabolic disorders.

The resort provides patients with five healthy meals a day.

There are three Kettler gyms, a ping-pong room, a solarium, a sauna, a swimming pool, a beach.

The territory of the resort is decorated with numerous flowerbeds and statues. There is a dancing ground, volleyball and football grounds, a tennis court, a playground.

Newspapers, trunk calls available.

The resort also has a laundry.

A guarded parking lot (additional fee) is located 500 metres away from the resort.

The resort regularly hosts healthy lifestyle festivals and sports competitions.

Guests may go on a guided tour around the ancient town of Bobruisk and see a fortress that was founded here by order of Russian Tsar Alexander I dated June 16, 1810.

Vouchers for any term of stay, catering and medical services can be bought for cash.

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