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Mogilev City is an administrative centre of Mogilev region. It is one of the largest industrial and cultural centres of the Republic of Belarus. The population of the city is about 360,000 people.

Mayor – Stanislav Petrovich Borodavko.

Area: 110, 5 square kilometers

Phone Code: +375 0222

Post Index: 212030

Official Site: http://city.mogilev.by

The city is proud of its leading enterprises: JSC “Mogilevkhimvolokno”, “Strommashina” Plant, “JSC "Tekhnopribor””, JSC "Mogilevsky zavod "Electrodvigatel", “Mogilevliftmash Plant” RUE, “Mogilevtransmash”, “Mogilev Automobile Plant”, “Synthetic Fibre Plant”, JSC “Granny’s Jar, ”JSC Lenta, JSC «Mogotex», Mogilev Footwear Factory, CJSC “Vesnyanka”, JSC "Mogilev meat-packing plant" , “Veinyansky Rodnik”.


Mogilev has got 26 sculpture and monument complexes, 35 obelisks, about 60 memorial boards, 209 architecture and house construction monuments. 1995 created the memorial “Buinichi Field” and restored the City Hall. In 2004 Mogilev opened the open air museum “Ethnographic Belarusian Village”.

A number of museums and complexes reveal the history of Mogilev: the Regional Museum of Local Lore, the Mogilev History Museum, the Belynitsky-Birulya Arts Museum, the Maslenikov Museum, the Complex of Svyato-Nikolsky Monastery of the XVII — XVIII centuries, the Church of Saint Stanislav of the mid XVIII century, the Onufrievskaya Church of 1798, the Palace of Archbishop G. Kanissky.

Mogilev has got the Drama Theatre, the Puppet Theatre, the Regional Philharmonic, 4 cinemas, 17 libraries, 6 arts schools, 8 Culture Palaces and Houses.

The city is famous for the music festival “Magutny Bozha”, the music festival “Golden Hit”, the animation films festival “Animayovka”, the Belynitsky-Birulya arts open air. Mogilev holds Christmas and Easter Fairs, autumn fairs and public celebrations.

Lately a number of monuments and memorial boards have appeared: monuments to the People’s Artist of Belarus and Russia V.K. Belynitsky-Birulya, the People’s Artist of Belarus P.V. Maslenikov, athe famous Ukrainian poet T.G. Shevchenko, soldier-internationalists; memorial boards to G.O. Konissky, Spiridon Sobol, the director V.T. Turov, the general M.T. Romanov, the musician M.N. Soldatov, the People’s poet of Belarus A.A. Kuleshov.

In 2004 Leninskaya Street which is a central street in the city was beautified and got a status of a pedestrian street. Some street were renamed and Mogilev have got new street names – T.R. Surty Street, I.G. Chigrinova Street, V.T. Turova Street.

Mogilev has four higher educational establishments, 37 comprehensive schools, 4 evening schools, 2 specialized schools, 4 gymnasiums, 2 teaching complexes, a wide network of vocational schools.

Mogilev’s citizens have stadiums, modern sports complexes, health rehabilitation complexes at their disposal. The sports Palace “Mogilev”, the Sports Complex “Olympiets” and the Gymnastics Palace correspond to high European standards.

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