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Once in two years the steady pace of life of Mogilev residents changes rapidly as the city gets hit by the wave of a retro discotheque in the shape of GOLDEN HIT IN MOGILEV music festival.

Back in 1995 they launched a new music project intended to sustain the best traditions of Belarusian and international song writing.

With the course of time the festival has turned into a favourite pastime of Mogilev people and pop music amateurs in general.

The festival, which a two- or three-day event, is usually held in early November. The festival usually includes the Night of Romances.

The festival embraces music, poetry and vocal art and a contest of bands dedicated to the memory of famous Belarusian musician Vladimir Mulyavin.

Golden Hit has seen a great deal of performers, both domestic and foreign, including Julio Iglesias, Toto Cutugno.

The organisers, including Artistic Director Mikhail Finberg, have come to adopt a thorough approach to the programme of the festival, which prevents immature performers from appearing on Golden Hit’s stage.

Besides, the festival has a very tight policy on lip-synching – all songs are performed live.

The gem of the latest festival was a Latin Carnival programme presented by a group from Brazil.

The 10th jubilee festival Golden Hit will be held in Mogilev in 2007.

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