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The conceptual difference that lies between the Investment Forum scheduled on October 9-10 in Mogilev and previous gatherings is that this year's venue will be organized in target-dedicated sections, the forum organizing committee told Interfax.

"We asked ourselves why well-to-do companies very rarely attend universal fairs? It's because chances to find relevant solutions there do not match the time and finance spent. Dedicated fairs are quite a different matter, as they do not unload the unnecessary data onto visitors and give the opportunity to consult professionals," reckons Vice Governor of Mogilev Region Gennadi Snopkov.

In his words, this year's Investment Forum in Mogilev will be held in three sections: Farming and Agribusiness, Architecture and Town Planning, Small Towns.

The forum will also zero in on fossils, real estate, companies for sale, idle premises at Mogilev Free Economic Area.

The administration of Mogilev Region points out an increase in the value of foreign investment tied in the regional economy, the vice governor said.

"H1 saw the value of foreign investments double," the official said. In his words, the pressure for foreign investments is conditioned by three factors: capital, technology and management, capital being the least important.

The vice governor explained that the region is more or less self-sufficient in finance, but it is proper management and sophisticated technologies that accelerate the value of money invested.

In his words, the region will be happy to welcome foreign finance in the company of management solutions and technologies.

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