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Mogilev Region’s Education Framework

Higher education

There are ten higher education institutions in Mogilev Region, including


  • Belarus State Agricultural Academy
  • Mogilev State University named in honour of Arkadi Kuleshov
  • Mogilev State Technical University
  • Mogilev State Technological Institute
  • Pedagogical faculty of Belarus State Music Academy
  • Bobruisk branch of Belarus State Economic University

and private:

  • Mogilev Institute of Economy and Finance named in honour of Kovaliiov
  • Mogilev branch of Belarus Law Institute
  • Bobruisk branch of Institute for business and management
  • Mogilev branch of Belarus Commercial Institute of management
  • Secondary and Professional educational institutions:
  • Construction college of Mogilev State Technical University
  • Mogilev Polytechnic College
  • Mogilev Chemical Technology College
  • Mogilev Library College
  • Mogilev Teacher-Training College
  • Gorki Pedagogical School
  • Mogilev Police Staff Training School
  • Mogilev Olympic Sports School
  • Bobruisk Olympic Sports School
  • Mogilev Medical School
  • Bobruisk Medical School
  • Mogilev Music School named in honour of Rimski-Korsakov
  • Mogilev Culture School named in honour of Krupskaya
  • Bobruisk Automobile Transport College
  • Bobruisk Mechanical Technology College
  • Bobruisk Forestry College
  • Bobruisk Agrarian Economy College
  • Klimovichi Agricultural College
  • Zhilichi Agricultural College (Mogilev region, Kirovsk district)
  • Klichev Agrarian Technology College

Secondary schools

Mogilev Region counts a total of 564 secondary schools.

Mogilev Region takes great care to preserve the existing framework of kindergartens and nursery schools.

Besides, they maintain and diversity the system of out-of-class centres promoting science, technology, tourism, sports, arts and crafts.

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