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Mogilev-based enterprises increased the value of exports by 45.9% in January-December 2006 in comparison with this time last year (the yearly target being 8-9%). The total value of exports by companies based in Mogilev Region came at $1,277.5 million, an official with the Foreign Trade Department of Mogilev Region Administration told Interfax.

Over the period in question, the region’s import totalled $1,032.5 million (39.6% up).

In 2006 the region produced a trade surplus of $245 million against 136.2 million in 2005, the source said.

The CIS states accounted for 66.5% of the region’s exports, non-CIS states – 33.5%.

Imports from the CIS accounted for 57.4% of the region’s overall imports, non-CIS – 42.6%.

Exports to Russia totalled $706.1 million or 29% up. Import from the Russian Federation reached $500.7 million (28.4% up).

In 2006 Mogilev Region traded with 101 countries, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan being major partners. The region’s main trade partners among non-CIS states were Germany, Malaysia, the USA, Poland, Lithuania, Italy.

The region’s commodity turnover rose by 43% on the year to reach $2,310 million, the source specified.

The export of services rose by 20.3% on the year to $20.3 million, while services import totalled $7.6 million (6.5% up).

As a result, the region ended the year with a surplus of $12.7 million in trade in services, the source informed.

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