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Mogilev Region Executive Committee

Chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee
Vladimir Viktorovich Domanievskij
Reception phone number: 8-0222-32-80-59
First deputy chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee - 
chairman of the agriculture and food committee
Oleg Ivanovich Chikida
Reception phone number: 8-0222-22-85-70
Deputy chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee
Victor Vladimirovich Nekrashevich
Receptionphonenumber: 8-0222-32-72-97
Deputy chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee
Valery Anatolyevich Malashko
Reception phone number: 8-0222-32-66-52
Deputy chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee 
Dmitry Vasilyevich Yankov
Receptionphonenumber: 8-0222-32-67-89
Administration chief of Mogilev region executive committee 
Grigory Alexandrovich Voronin
Reception phone number: 8-0222-46-87-21
Deputy chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee
Dmitry Ivanovich Kharitonchik
Reception phone number: 8-0222-32-67-66
Departments of Mogilev regional executive commitee, regional commitees and organizations
Departments of Mogilev regional executive committee
Economy committee:
Ruslan Borisovich Strahar
Phone number: 8-0222-32-68-96
Phone number: 8-0222-26-64-46
Labour, employment and social security committee
Svetlana Petrovna Tarasenko
Phone number: 8-0222-25-23-79
Architecture and construction committee
Sergey Nikolayevich Krivolap
Phone number: 8-0222-32-66-42
State Property Fund
Oleg Vladimirovich Myakinky
Phone number: 8-0222-25-65-63
Central financial office
Vladimir Ivanovich Podrebinkin
Phone number. 8-0222-22-05-85
Trade and services office
Inessa Leonidovna Korotkevich
Phone number: 8-0222-32-69-92
Public healthcare office
Vladimir Ivanovich Shrubov
Phone number:8-0222-32-66-77
Education office
Vladimir Vladimirovich Ryzhkov
Phone number:  8-0222-32-66-94
Sports and tourism office
Victor Vladimirovich Stepanov
Phone number: 8-0222-25-35-18
Central ideology work, culture and youth’s affairs office
Anatoly Anatoliyevich Sinkovets
Phone number: 8-0222-32-68-42
Housing and communal services office
Sergey Leonidovich Vashkevich  
Phone number:  8-0222-22-16-34
Internal affairs office
Alexander Alexandrovich Kovalchuk
Phone number: 8-0222-22-80-87
Central justice office
Alexander Sergeyevich Maimusov
Phone number: 8-0222-32-69-43
Gennady Anatoliyevich Gerasimenko
Phone number: 8-0222-32-82-67
Administration office
Boris Konstantinovich Ivanyushin
Phone number: 8-0222-31-19-43
  • Supervision and proceeding department  (8-0222-26-94-11)
  • Organizational support department (8-0222-32-71-55, 8-0222-32-67-92)
  • Information analysis department (8-0222-31-17-73)
Land management service
Irina Mikhailovna Petruchenya
Phone number: 8-0222-25-92-35
Antimonopoly and price policy office
Nikolai Dmitriyevich Popkov
Phone number: 8-0222-32-68-54 
Central departmental control office
Oleg Nikolayevich Demenkovets
Department for Chernobyl disaster problems and emergency situations
Sergey Svyatoslavovich Lazarevich
Phone number: 8-0222-32-89-36
Energy and fuel department
Dmitry Vladimirovich Smirnov
Phone number: 8-0222-32-58-36
Accounting and reporting department
Sergey Mikhailovich Alekseyevets
Department of correspondence and reception
Inna Nikolayevna Filippova
Phone number:  8-0222-32-71-53 
Department of state secrets security and mobilization
Oleg Arkadiyevich Matiyevich
Regional committees, offices and organizations
  • Nature resources and environmental protection
  • Central statistics office of Mogilev region
  • Central office financial office
  • Tax and duties inspection
  • Regional emergency situations office
  • Regional state inspection office of the Labour and social security Ministry of Belarus
  • Fuel and energy resources office
  • Health rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment office
  • Oblpotrebsoyuz (Regional consumers' association)
  • Public Institution «Administration of the free economic zone  «Mogilev»
  • UPKP VKH «Mogilevoblvodokanal»
  • Public Institution  «Mogilevoblbyt»
  • Public Instituationn «Upravleniye Doma Sovetov»
  • KPUP  «Mogilev regional information centre»
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