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Mogilev Regional Art Museum named after P.V. Maslennikov

 Mogilev Regional Art Museum named after P.V. Maslennikov, founded according to the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Museums and Museum Funds in the Republic of Belarus”, was opened by the decision of regional executive committee of Mogilev region deputies’ council № 13 of 19.11.1990. According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 22 January 1996, Mogilev Regional Art Museum was named after Pavel Maslennikov. The Museum is housed at the building of architectural monument of the early XXc.

A two-storeyed, T-shaped, asymmetrical brick building combines the features of “Modern”, pseudo-Russian, and late classicism styles. The major front is disjoint by two risaltos. One of them is topped by a hipped roof in the form of kokoshnik (“kokoshnik” is a woman's headdress in old Russia) decorated with a rosette in the centre; another one looks like a two-tier tower with a low hipped roof.

The building is decorated with rosettes in rectangular frames, semi-columns with stucco mouldings, capitals, corbels, plant ornaments. The building was designed and constructed by a famous architect Kamburov; the construction was finished in 1914.    

First a peasants’ land bank was situated in this building. In 1917, after the tsar headquarters in Mogilev was occupied by soldiers of Red Army, the building was used as a publishing house of “Revolutsionnaya stavka” (“Revolutionary headquarters”) newspaper. In May 1919 education department decided to open Museum of proletarian culture in the building. Since 1919 till May 1932 Mogilev State History Museum was situated there.  

Among the points of interest of the building was an armoured strong-room where museum relics were kept. the most famous of them was a Euphrosyne of Polatsk Cross made by Lazar Bogsha in 1161. According to the Act of 22.12.1944, the Museum suffered greatly during the Great Patriotic War as far as a large number of exhibits and valuables had disappeared. A collection of the Belarusian hand-written books and official documents, weapon of X-XIVcc. (280 items), coins (18,000), icons of XVII-ХIX cc., a mace of Sigismund III, a silver mitre of Georgy Konisski, a shroud of Christ dating back to 1566, made by a close relative of Ivan IV Vasilyevich (The Terrible), Anastasia Romanovna - Anna Fedorovna Paletskaya, and many others are among them.

Since 1932 the building was used as a seat of regional committee of BSSR communist party; but the treasury existed till the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Nowadays the Regional Arts Museum named after P. Maslennikov is situated there.

 When the city was liberated in 1944, the building housed both regional and city committees of BSSR communist party; later on it was used as a publishing house of “Mogilevskaya pravda” newspaper. Since 19.11.1990 it has been occupied by Mogilev Regional Art Museum.

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