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Mogilev reports energy-saving progress, swears allegiance to president’s Economic Security Through Saving instruction

Mogilev Region has issued an energy statistics report to inform about the progress the territory made in January-August fulfilling the head of state’s instruction Nr.3 - Economic Security Through Saving.

During the eight-month period the region burnt 672,900 tonnes of equivalent fuel to generate 2,403.1 million kWh of electric energy, 0.1% down.

To produce 5,017,400 Gcal of thermal energy the region burnt 878,100 tonnes of equivalent fuel, 23.8% down on the year.

Also, as much as 1,139.1 million cubic metres of natural gas has been burnt, 7.1% down.

Overall energy consumption during the period totalled 197,500 tonnes of equivalent fuel, 6% down on the year.

Mogilev also reports a higher ratio of locally available fuels used to replace oil and natural gas in January-August 2007.

Mogilev Region was challenged to reduce energy consumption by 11.5% in 2007. As of early September Mogilev has reduced energy consumption by 20.9% on the year [from 170,000 tonnes equivalent fuel to 126,400 tonnes]. They attribute Mogilev’s energy-saving achievement to abnormally high air temperatures in January-March 2007.

Mogilev has set up a control body to monitor energy saving activities in the region.

Also, Mogilev has developed dedicated energy-saving plans for small towns and districts.

Besides, Mogilev is set to reduce material consumption at production companies and arrange for proper recycling of production wastes.

For settlements with the population number below 20,000 Mogilev has ruled to switch from gas and fuel oil to locally available fuels for heating purposes. The latter instruction, however, does not apply to areas affected by Chernobyl.

To promote energy-saving in private households, Mogilev is conducting a campaign to install individual water and thermal energy meters. As of September 19 2007 they installed such meters at 55.7 thousand households, 33.4% of the target (166,700).

For hot water supply in late spring, summer and early autumn, Mogilev actively promotes the use of locally available fuels. The latter instruction, however, does not apply to areas affected by Chernobyl.

Wood becoming a prominent locally available fuel, Mogilev makes arrangements for firewood collection, delivery and consumption.

Mogilev has been conducting a large-scale public awareness campaign to promote energy-saving lifestyles. That includes televized addresses, publications in the printed media.

In addition to energy-saving efforts, Mogilev has been actively auctioning off idle state property. So far they have held 39 real estate auctions, selling 12 buildings worth BYR 668.7 million. Also, they surrendered 13 buildings for target investment projects worth BYR 2,368.8 million.

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