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A pyramid made of 18,000 matches is expected to help Mogilev resident Alexander Benediktov to make another entrance in Guinness Record Book, an Interfax-West reporter informs.

The basement of the 100-storey pyramid is made of two matches and a neck of a champagne bottle. The rest is the content of 350 matchboxes. "I had to spend two to three hours a day during my summer vacation to make it. It is my second pyramid, by the way", said Benedictov, adding, that the first one collapsed when it consisted of approximately 14,000 matches.

Benediktov already has four world records that had been put in Guinness Record Book (the highest pyramid made of dominoes, beer bottles, and two pyramids made of coins).

"I called my latest pyramid the Cup of Victory and dedicated it to Belarusian athletes who take part in the Olympic Games in Beijing", said Benediktov.

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