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The share of passenger transportation performed by private entrepreneurs in Mogilev Region in January-September 2007 has expanded by 0.5 percentage points to make 21.2% of the total number of passengers commuting by bus.

Interfax has learnt the fact from the Region Administration's Transport and Communication Department.

Over the nine-month period, private entrepreneurs transported 29.4 million people to see passenger turnover make 174 million passenger-per-kilometre, which makes 20.7% of the automobile passenger turnover in the region.

Bus transportation services were made available to over 108.9 million passengers.

In January-September local motorways transported 5.284 million tonnes of cargoes, 5.2% up on the year. Local railways transported 31.924 million tonnes of cargoes (10% up).

The source also informed, in January-September 2007 the net profit from passenger and cargo transportation services expanded 2.1-fold to reach BYR 15.3 billion. At the same time, 4 companies (3.3% of the total number) ended the year with a net loss of BYR 994 million.

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