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Mogilev Sport History

It had not been until the late 19th century that Mogilev stepped on the path of active sports and physical culture.

Back in 1911 they established Mogilev’s first sports association intended to promote physical development in students. That same year Mogilev saw its first Football Cup, which was the first such venue in Belarus.

At the early stages of Soviet development they emphasized youth’s involvement in sports activities. In the 1920s they would hold regular sporting events all the year round.

In February 1926 Mogilev hosted the second national winter sports championship.

In the 1930s the number of sports societies in Mogilev increased and there were whole families on the waiting lists to join some particular sports club. Riflery clubs were the most popular attraction at that time.

When Mogilev came back to its senses after WWII, it counted 1960 gyms, 23 indoor shooting ranges in 1960.

In 1970 the ranks of sports facilities widened with a sports palace and a swimming pool.

In the late 1980s Mogilev boasted 6 indoor swimming pools, 6 stadiums, 16 tennis courts, 53 shooting ranges, 38 ice hockey grounds and around 350 sports grounds.

Today Mogilev is the proud host of Olympiyets Sports Centre that offers work-out opportunities for locals and guests.

As far as Mogilev’s professional sport achievements are concerned, they mention the 1968 Olympic bronze winner Margarita Achkina (skiing), invincible mid-weight boxer Anatoli Bereziuk and Svetlana Baitova (gymnastics), who won a gold in the 1988 Olympic in Seoul.

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