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Enterprise details:

Republic of Belarus

213824, Mogilev region,

Bobruisk, Minskoye Shosse

tel. (+375 225) 44 92 07, tel./fax 44 91 66

e-mail: belshina@belshina.biz

Director – Chyrin N.V.

Supervisor of the project – Guscha V.M., Chief Engineer

Organizational-legal form:

Open Joint Stock Company

1. Name of the project:

The large-dimensioned plant. The Main Building. Modernization of the large-dimensioned plant

Goal of the project:

Increase of volume and extension of assortment of wide-section agricultural tyres of radial construction with low unit pressure on soil for automotive energy loaded machinery from local and foreign producers

Presumptive form of investor’s participation in the project: credit recourses of foreign banks, lends.

Cost of the project: 62,7 mln $

Need for investments: 59,6 mln $

Investment usage line: purchase of modern high-technology equipment and production accessories for production of agricultural wide cross-section tires (Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Japan, China), building and assembly works.

Project realization terms: 5 years.

Project recoupment terms: 8,4 years.

Name of Project 2:

Setup of manufacture for all-metal cord (AMC) tyres of radial construction with bore diameter 57’’ and 63’’

Project objective:

Setup of manufacture for new generation quarry machinery tyres technically second to none of leading foreign producers and meeting the requirements of both automobile industry of the Republic of Belarus and those of mining and ore-dressing spheres of CIS countries, which use this kind of machinery

Estimated form of participation of investor in the project:

Foreign bank loans

Use of investments:

Purchase of up-to-date high technology equipment and technological gear for production of wide-section agricultural tyres (Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Japan, China), civil and erection works

Cost of the project: 180,5 mln $

Need for investments: 148,6 mln $

Project implementation period: 5 years

Payback period: 9,2 years

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