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OJSC “Mogilevhimvolokno”

OJSC “Mogilevhimvolokno”

Company details:

Belarus 212035, Mogilev – 35,

Tel. (+375 222) 48 74 12, 322089,

Fax (+375 222) 32 20 70, 32 21 53

E-mail: mogilev@khimvolokno.by

Supervisor: Puzevich S.M.

Curator of the project: Burakov. O.P. Technological development Deputy Chief Engineer (tel. +375 222 322895, 499321,  е-mail: invest@khimvolokno.by)

Organizational-legal form: Open Joint Stock Company

Name of the project:

1. Production complex line №2 of Polyester base for roofing material.

Goal of the project: production organization of reinforced polyester base for roofing materials, durability growth

Presumptive form of investor’s participation in the project: direct investment, crediting, possible of other forms of participation

Cost of the project – 33,2 mln. euro

Need for investments – 21,2 mln. euro

Investment usage line: project and building and assembly works, purchase of engineering, technological equipment (Germany, Italy, France).

Project realization terms -3 years

Project recoupment terms – 6,3 years

Name of the project:

2. installation of continuous polycondensation of polyethyleneterephthalate with direct formation of polyester fibre and production of technical yarn

Project manager – Gomelev A.N., head of technical development department (tel: +375 222 499321, fax +375 222 322077)

e-mail: gomelev@khimvolokno.by)

Project objective:

Adopting up-to-date technology of polyethyleneterephthalate production from terephthalic acid

Estimated form of participation of investor in the project:

Loans, direct investments, other forms are possible

Cost of the project – approximate cost of 300 million USD

Need for investments – 300 million USD

Use of investments:

Civil and erection works, purchase of technological equipment

Project implementation period: 3 years

Payback period: 3,1 years from the first day of operation

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