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OJSC “Stroitel”

OJSC “Stroitel”

Enterprise details:

Republic of Belarus

213410, Mogilev region

Gorki, 53 Mira St.

tel/fax (+375 2233) 5 27 64

e-mail: OAO_stroitel@mail.ru

Superviser – Stasko V.A.

Curator of the project – Stasko V.A.

Organizational-legal form:

Open Joint Stock Company

Name of the project: reconstruction of concrete mortar assembly unit.

Goal of the project: upgrading of technological process, improvement of production quality.

Presumptive form of investor’s participation in the project: direct foreign credits.

Cost of the project: 1.2 mln $

Need for investments: 1.2 mln $

Investment usage line: technological equipment purchase (Ukraine), installation, commissioning.

Project realization terms: 3 years.

Project recoupment terms: 5 years.

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