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Paddle your way to President Lukashenko’s Home Town

Mogilev has developed an unusual waterway route for canoe enthusiasts, which combines paddling down the River Dnieper and seeing the sights of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko’s native places.

The route has been developed by the Sports and Tourism Department of Mogilev Region Administration.

The tour starts at the Village of Alexandria, goes through Lysaja Hara Tourist Centre, Shklov, the village of Dobreika, the village of Polynkovichi, Mogilev, the village of Buinichi and ends in Bykhov.

The village of Alexandria is on the right bank of the River Dnieper. This is the native place of Belarus’ first president Alexander Lukashenko. In the village there is the very same school the young Alexander Lukashenko attended. Now they arranged a local history museum in the school with a special section dedicated to Lukashenko.

The tourists may visit the place where there used to be Lukashenko’s family house, which is just two kilometres away from the school. Now on that site there are pergolas offering visitors a spectacular panoramic view of the plain and the woods.

There you can drink from the water spring – Lukashenko’s favourite place as a child.

At the moment, they are busy developing an agritown in the Village of Alexandria.

The second stop on the way is Lysaja Hara Tourist Centre, which is on the left bank of the River Dnieper with a quay for large river-class boats. Lysaya Hara Hill is Belarus’ highest point – 365 metres above sea level.

The tourist centre is complete with a restaurant, a sauna with a bathing pool, a shelter with tables and benches underneath, observation towers, summer guesthouses to accommodate 2 and 4 guests. At the moment, they are building 8 all-weather guesthouses there.

The next stop is the ancient town of Shklov, which is on the right bank of the river. The town with a population of 16,000 people has recently acquired a new refurbished look. Tourists are encouraged to visit the historical parts of the town, the town hall, the local history museum, two old churches – Orthodox and Roman Catholic.

In the village of Polynkovichi there is St Martyr Paraskeva’s Chapel. This is an ancient place of worship with a natural water spring that has been used for baptizing for centuries.

While in Mogilev, tourists shall walk to the site of a former wooden castle, St Stanislav Cathedral (built in 1738-1752) with unique frescos.

Near the village of Buinichi there is a WWII memorial called Buinichi Field.

The final point of the journey is the town of Bykhov with a XVII century castle and a synagogue.

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