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Perspectives of Mogilev region’s agriculture development

The session of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee lasted for over 8 hours. The main issue to discuss was perspectives of Mogilev region’s agriculture development.

Regional authorities usually pay special attention to adoption of agribusiness plans. This sphere is of great priority. Recent sessions of the regional administration are rather intense. A strategy of agribusiness development of the region has been in the centre of attention. The agenda included 30 programs. That’s why the session began at 10 am and lasted for over 8 hours.

Discussion was really tough. The reason is great intentions and goals proposed by agrarians. Each of the proposed programs supposes agribusiness development to reach a new quality level. Almost all indexes (production volume, exports, equipment renovation) double.
Spirited predictions and plans caused serious discussion. Will agrarians manage them and hit the targets? Do they have enough financial and physical abilities? Do these plans correspond to the State Program of rural areas development?

According to Petr Rudnik, the chief of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, each program should be corrected and adjusted depending on the real situation in the sector. “And the State Program has not been affirmed yet. We make plans and put targets for the future.”

Crop production. This sphere includes 11 programs. The first one is aimed at increasing soil fertility. To hit the target it is necessary to stock up fertilizers. It is also very important to use them in strict correspondence with the technology. It is the main factor of soil intensity improvement.

The region starts the program “Clean Fields”. The program is aimed at cleaning field areas covered with wet spots and bushes. 6.5 thousand hectares of soil will be involved in process. It will cost money, but the program will pay for itself in 5 years.

Crops production program is based on several important factors. The target for 2015 is to reach gross yield of 1 mln 750 thousand tons of crops. It is 1.5 times as much as last year’s figures. To hit the target new crops will be cultivated.

Feed crops sector is to expect serious changes as well. By the end of a five-year plan livestock number is to increase dramatically. That’s why permanent grasses production is to increase by a million tons feed units. It is 3.5 mln tons.

Potato growing, vegetable and fruit growing programs consider some improvements as well. The most significant items of the program are: modern green houses, new storages, fruit freezing lines, diversification of vegetable assortment. The region is to provide its population with apples grown in its gardens.

The governor asked to update and revise some of indexes, including the programs of flax and beet cultivation.

The cattle breeding program looks more realistic. A new five-year plan the region meets with 84 new animal units. The number of cows will increase to 212 thousand. It is over a million tons of milk a year. The production of beef is to make 212 thousand tons.

Pig breeding sector has the similar situation. Today the number of pigs totals 330 thousand heads. By 2015 the number will increase to 500 thousand. Pork production will make 80 thousand tons a year.
Poultry production and fishery complexes are to be improved as well. Some programs include such novelties as horse and sheep breeding, bee farming.

For sure, all these targets need good technical equipment. This question looks promising: 1.5 thousand tractors, over a thousand combine machines, 130 grain drying machines – here are technical re-equipment plans of the region.

… Not all the proposed programs were accepted “in the first reading”. Some of them need serious consideration, updating. But most of the program goals look real to achieve.

Vladislav GRIBANOV, a press-secretary of the chief of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.

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