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Petr Rudnik: Happy New Year 2011

Dear Mogilev citizens! Compatriots!

New Year is the holiday that brings happiness and pleasure, warmth and cosiness into our houses!

The eventful year of 2010 is drawing to its close. It has been a remarkable year as far as it is completing the current five-year period of economic development of the Republic of Belarus, and its results and achievements are vivid.

The population of Mogilev region worked hard and conscientiously to make its contribution into country’s progress. In spite of all difficulties we have managed to lay stable foundation for the future: the majority of regional enterprises are on the rise, favourable conditions for productive work and comfortable life for the countrymen have been established, much has been done in the social sphere.

The Year - 2011 is bringing us new tasks and troubles, achievements and triumphs. Let it be full of pleasant surprises, interesting events and success for each of us!

We wish you sound health, happiness, prosperity, peace of mind, self-reliance and optimism, caring and faithful friends and relations!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

Petr Rudnik, the chairman of Mogilev region executive committee

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