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Press-conference of the governor

Press-conference of the governor
On September, 29 the chief of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Petr Rudnik held a meeting with representatives of district, regional and national Mass Media. The press conference had a recording number of invited journalists – 50. During the meeting Petr Rudnik answered a number of questions dealing with financial and economic state of the region, salary growth, local authorities work monitoring and others.

According to Petr Rudnik, such meetings help to build useful and necessary links between authorities and population which is of great importance taking into account two forthcoming political events of the country: the fourth National Assembly and elections of the President of Belarus.

In Petr Rudnik’s words, Mogilev region’s situation in social and economic fields remains stable. 2010 is a final year of a five-year plan. And today it is possible to say if the region has managed the crisis. It can be seen by the life level of region’s population. In August 2010 average salary made Br1 mln 158 thousand. By October, 1 there were only two organizations with average salary lower than $200: SPK “Dribin” and Khotimsk SPK “Iskra”. “The situation must be improved,” – Petr Rudnik said. By November, 1 we should minimize the number of organizations with salary lower than $250. In July 2010 there were 350 of them, by October, 1 – 57. By the end of the year the region should get over the salary of $500. But we should not forget about productivity of work that will promote salary growth.

One of priorities of the region’s policy is control over unemployment. Over 8 months of 2010 it made 0.9% (yearly forecast being 1.5%). Enterprises of the region created 14,800 jobs (target being 21,800). Regional economy employs 505,000. 4,800 persons are registered as unemployed in the region. Comparing with the beginning of the year the number went down by 100 persons.

In general, the economy of the region has adapted to new conditions of post-crisis period, and functions steadily: there is constant growth from month to month. Thus, during January – August of 2010 there was a 20% increase in industrial output comparing to the respective period of last year. The number of unprofitable organisations decreased to 52. “The urgent problem to be solved in the nearest future is to reach the balance of foreign trade. At yesterday’s sitting of the Council of Ministers there was set a task of having in the country a favourable balance of trade by 2014. In Mogilev region we must reach the balance of foreign trade by 2013”. Self-sufficient economy, new technologies and large-scale agricultural production can promote reaching this end.
“For example, our dairy factories work only at 70% of their full power. It means that we need more milk to be produced”. That is why 36 dairy trade farms will be put into operation in the region this year, including 8 – in Shklov district.

The prognosed indices of houses commissioning will also be fulfilled. 63,000 people were on the list of being in need of improving housing conditions by September 1. 790,000 square meters of houses was planned to be commissioned in the region this year, i.e. 2.4-fold increase comparing to the year 2005.

Peter Mikhailovich told about the future life of agritownships and villages-satellites. “Within next five years we shall reinforce our efforts in all directions. Much attention should be paid to villages-satellites: we shall prevent them from disappearing”. Development of handicrafts, beekeeping, sheep breeding, trout rearing will be promoted.

The next matter discussed by the participants of the press-conference was work of executive authorities with references of citizen. First of all, journalists were interested in the results of monitoring held by interdepartmental committees. According to Peter Rudnick, the check-out revealed a number of urgent questions that hadn’t been solved in Mogilev and Mstislavl districts. Work of the head of Klimovichi district was recognized to be unsatisfactory as he hadn’t paid attention to repeated applications of families having many children, hadn’t gone into their needs, and had never controlled fulfilment of his own orders. As a result, he was displaced. The chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee assured that after the monitoring local authorities would pay more attention to needs and applications of citizens.

Finally Peter Rudnick remarked that within next two years growth rates of all branches of economy should be increased; the region has considerable potential and labour resources needed to reach this end. “Each district has its own advantages. We have neither oil, nor gas, but we do have people, they are our most precious resource. And harvesting campaign-2010 proved it: Vladimir Korsack from Mogilev region became the best combine operator of the country”.

The governor appealed for every citizen of the region to attend presidential elections. “This is a political event of great importance; our future will depend on our choice”.

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