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The history of the public transport goes back to 1922.

The main development process started after WW2, when the region had only 19 lorries and 6 buses.

An inter-region autotransport trust was set up in 1954 that included transport agencies of Mogilev, Vitebsk and Gomel regions. The organisation disposed of 1137 lorries, 282 buses and 207 taxis.

At present 1645 lorries and 862 buses of Oblavtotrans, Mogilevavtotrans, Krichevgruzavto provide transportation services in the region. In 2001 15.3 million tons of cargo were transported. Buses provided services for 184 million people.

As many as 149 private vehicles have been registered in the region.

In January-December 2004 Mogilev region public transport transported 46.7 million tons of cargo, 11.6% more to compare with the same period last year, Interfax learned from transport and communications department of Mogilev region administration.

Specialists of the department said, the railway transport carried 40.99 million tons of cargo, 13.2% up on the year, while automobiles - 5.7 million tons of cargo (1.7% down transported million tons on the year).

The cargo turnover in January-December grew 11.2% to a total of 5,498.1 million tons per kilometre, of which 5.235 million fell on railways (12.1% up) and 263.1 million - on automobiles (4.8% down).

In January-December 2004 public transport of Mogilev region carried 2,530.4 million passengers (0.9% up).

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