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Mogilev department of Belarusian Railways is a complex multi-profile company that oversees 30,000 sq m of Mogilev region territory, 5 districts of Minsk region, 3 of Gomel region and 1 of Vitebsk region. It services over 1,180 km of major, 495 station and 231 local railways. 4 permanent way divisions are in charge of controlling the above vital parameters . Krichev, Mogilev, Osipovichi and Bobruisk ones.

The department comprises 3 locomotive depots: Mogilev, Osipovichi, Krichev that carry out the entire range of repairing maneuver locomotives, maintenance of cargo diesel locomotive and diesel trains. Apart from that they certify steam-engine boilers, repair snow-ploughs, renovate condenser pits of diesel locomotives, assemble current collector runners of electric trains, etc.

Car depots. Mogilev and Osipovichi - are an important division of Mogilev Railways. They conduct capitals repairs of cargo cars, technical maintenance and preparation of cars for loading. Mogilev depot was thoroughly renovated recently and now can repair 4,600 cars annually. Osipovichi depot repairs containers, boxcars, makes cargo cars, offers technical maintenance and preparation of cars, etc.

Out of 74 stations of Mogilev Railways department, 4 conduct cargo operations. They accept and transport cargo Belarus, CIS and worldwide.

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