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Rivers of Mogilev region

The nature of Mogilev region is diverse and picturesque. The region boasts of Zaozerye Hydrological Preserve and Duleba Islands Preserve (both have the status of the Republican importance), as well as 72 preserves having the status of local importance. The preserves are situated rather far from towns, and thus have more recreational opportunities. Unique lakes in the preserves are of glacial origin.

Mogilev region lies within the borders the Dnieper river basin. The Dnieper’s largest tributaries are the Lakhva, the Druts, the Berezina (to the right), the Sozh (to the left). The Berezina’s largest tributaries are - the Svislotch, the Olsa, the Ala; the Druts’ tributaries are the Oslik, the Vabitch, the Greza; those of the Sozh - the Volches, the Lobchanka, the Pronya with the Basya, and the Rasta, the Besedz with the Zhedunka and the Surov; the Ptich river (the Pripyats’ tributary) lies in the south-east.

Chigirinskoye, Teterinskoe, Osipovichskoe Water Basins are beautiful and rich in fish. Some of them are used for fish breeding (e.g. grass carp, silver carp, trout).

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