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Rodnik Resort

The resort is located in a pinewood suburb of mogilev near the river dnieper.

Accommodation available at a three-storied hostel with double-bed rooms. Several bathrooms available on each storey. Catering and healing services available at the hostel.

The resort provides medical services for people suffering from gastroenterological, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous disorders and skeleton illnesses.

The resort’s physiotherapy department offers a unique method of healing be means of the constant electric current, as well as impulse and high-frequency electric therapy, ultrasound therapy, magnet, light and heat therapy.

Patients suffering from laryngitis, tracheitis and bronchitis can benefit from ultrasound and heat inhalations enriched with medicines and herbal extracts.

Joint pains are cured by means of mud baths and applications. Pure mineral mud is brought from radon resort where it is derived from lake dikoye.

Patients are also treated with mineral waters and oxygen cocktails. Other unconventional types of healing available at the resort include phytotherapy (herbal teas), aromatherapy, vitamin-and-diet therapy. Treatment with the help of medicines is practiced, too.

Water therapy is based on three types of healing baths (aromatic oil, pearl and salt). Various types of massage shower available.

The resort has a sauna with a swimming pool and a cascade shower.

The resort’s doctors make extensive use of kinetic therapy, i.e. Treatment by means of physical activity (sports, aqua-aerobics, swimming, walking, massage).

Catering (five meals daily), diet menu, mineral water available.

the resort has a gym, a billiards facility and ping-pong equipment. There is a library, a video salon. Entertainment program includes dancing parties and films.

The guests of the resort enjoy swimming in the dnieper and taking sun on sand beaches.

They also have a chance to take a guided tour of mogilev city that includes visiting the cathedral of st stanislav and st nicholas’ nunnery.

A well of healing water (25% mineral content – copper, zinc and manganese, sulphates and chlorides) is located 1.5 km away from the resort. The water works wonders on patients suffering from gastritis, gall bladder, liver diseases, diathesis, ulcers.

The resort provides treatment for children coming from areas affected by the chernobyl catastrophe. Playroom, pedagogue and animator services available.


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