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RUPE “Mogilevhlebprom”

RUPE “Mogilevhlebprom”

Company details:

212030, Mogilev, 39 Astronauts St.

tel.(+375 222) 238082, 236637, fax 238084, e-mail: hlebprom@mogilev.by

Supervisor - Podlesnykh N.K.

Curator of the project - Podlesnykh N.K.

Name of the project:

Installation of combined production system for bread sticks of “grissini” type, bread rings of “taralli” type, cracker and cheese and potato snacks at manufacture 3 of Mogilev RUME “Mogilevhlebprom”

Project objective:

Setup of manufacture for new kinds of production 

Presumptive form of investor’s participation in the project:

Joint venture creation

Cost of the project – 3.0 mln.$

Need for investments – 3.0 mln.$

Investment usage line:

Purchase technological equipment

Project realization terms – 2 years

Project recoupment terms – 4,8 years

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