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Sessin of Mogilev Regional Delegates’ Committee

Mogilev Regional Delegates’ Committee held a session to approve drafts of social and economic development of the region in 2011. Nikolai Dudinsky, the chief of the Economy Department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee said about fundamental changes.

Such economic activities as industry production growth, bulk agriculture production growth, targets for consumer goods, sales targets, and paid services targets are excluded. New activities are included: bulk regional production, the number of new and modernized jobs, and sales efficiency of agribusiness organizations. According to N.Dudinsky, in 2011 special attention will be paid to a quality factor in activity of regional enterprises. The factor includes net profit, sales efficiency, labour productivity, materials out-put ratio, guarantees of salary increase.

N. Dudinsky brought to notice the necessity to attract foreign investments. Foreign investments should make 25 times as much as in 2010. To hit the target there should be a preliminary list of prospective investors. But at the moment the number of investors is limited. N.Dudinsky advised to use the Internet possibilities, representative offices abroad, near-border cooperation. “We should reconsider the results of investment forums, to refresh previous contacts. Special attention should be paid to cooperation with ministries and concerns”.

In N. Dudinsky’s words, it is also very important to keep to the achieved rates of external economic activity. New enterprises should contribute to the debit balance. Unfortunately, most of them work for the domestic market.

Next year 13,000 jobs will be created including 5,000 jobs in industry, 3,000 – in agribusiness. According to Nikolai Dudinsky, labour capacity of every job is considered to make $60,000 in equivalent of gross value added. All state bodies will get their own tasks and targets and will be responsible for their execution by organizations and enterprises irrespectively of departmental affiliation.

Gross regional product will be of integrated character. It will include 26 characteristics. All branches of a social sphere, trade, catering, and consumer services are represented here. Gross regional product will become factor number one with certain responsibilities for its execution. “We should do everything possible to keep the economy under control,” - Nikolai Dudinsky concluded. More detailed tasks of execution of long-range targets will be discussed at the final session of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee in January; they will also be reflected in corresponding arrangements.

The head of financial department of Mogilev region executive committee Vladimir Podrebinkin remarked in his turn, that in 2011 both revenues and expenditures of Mogilev region budget will depend on fulfilling the main indexes of social – economic development. “Heads of districts should do their best to attract additional revenues”, - he added.

In 2011 revenues of Mogilev region consolidated budget are to make up Br 3.9 trillion. It remains to be socially oriented. “Salary and transfer payments to population, as well as expenses for fulfilling state social standards make considerable proportion of the budget”, - Vladimir Podrebinkin stressed. 58.5% of budget expenditures is meant for financing social sphere (making up 1.4%-increase comparing to the previous year), 18.6% - for financing healthcare sphere, 1.7% - for financing projects in the sphere of physical culture, 3% - for financing cultural sphere, and 28.9% - for financing the sphere of education.

One of the peculiar features of the budget-2011 is increase in subsidies granted to local budgets – from 43.1% to 51.9%. Besides, the list of functional expenditures of all local budgets is extended.
To sum up, Petr Rudnik stressed that prognosed indexes of social-economic development of the region for 2011 make the budget’s basis. “Much attention should be paid to both quantitative and qualitative indexes, especially in industrial sphere”.

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