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Sports Complex “Olympiets”

Mogilev region, Mogilev City, 30 Let Pobedy Street, 1a, tel. (+375222) 24-21-35, 24-72-36

The complex has got a long and rather complicated history. At the end of the 1970-s a decision was made to construct a new sports complex for the employees of the silk factory.

Ambitious plans were not fulfilled. After the foundation was built and a wooden overhead cover was installed the construction works stopped for almost 30 years. Numerous attempts to revive it were a failure. At the end of the 1990-s the construction was ready to be sold half price. But even this didn’t’t attract buyers. Finally a decision was found. In 2003 Mogilev Regional Executive Committee applied the President of the Republic of Belarus with an idea of financial help to construct an indoor track on the site. The application received a positive reply. The state investment program for 2004 included a paragraph mentioning money allocation from the republican budget. Mogilev regional executive committee was to allocate money from the regional funds and non-budget sources.

It took 18 months to construct a modern indoor track on the suspended construction project. Soon a sports games gym was put into process.

Today the sports complex “Olympiets” is a wonderful base to train sportsmen of the national teams. Besides, the complex hosts numerous national and international sports events – basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, track and field tournaments.

The complex’s is spacious enough to host almost 1,500 viewers. The sports game gym is of the same capaciousness. “Olympiets” is equipped with VIPs boxes and a number of premises for TV broadcasting.

The complex has also got premises for citizens to go in for sports and physical culture: two weight rooms, four saunas, a fitness centre, an amusement arcade, a computer club, a billiard room, a café for 100 seats and a bar for 40 seats. There are also two conference halls for 50 and 60 seats each.

The complex includes three sectors for track and field throwing, two car parks for 259 and 25 cars each, garages and warehouses.

For more information:

Phone numbers:

Administrator: (+375222) 24-21-35, 24-72-36

Fax (+375222) 28-62-63

e-mail: arena@mogilev.by

Working hours: from 8.00 till 23.00 daily.

Bus routes: week days - №9, №18,№39, days-off №9, №45.

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