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St Nikola’s Church in Mogilev

Another cultural monument of Belarus that drew the interest of UNESCO experts, St Nikola’s Church Ensemble in Mogilev, was built in the baroque style. The ensemble includes St Nikola’s Church and St Onufri’s Church, a hospital, a belfry and a stone frame monastery gate.

St Nikola’s Church emerged on the former site of a wooden monastery in 1669-1672.

Besides a 17th-century carved wooden icon-stand crowned by a crucifix sculpture, the church interior boasts monumental paintings, the earliest of those being frescoes on the dome ceiling picturing the New Testament Trinity and evangelists in the stained glasses.

St Nikola’s Church Ensemble in Mogilev combines ancient Russian and West European styles of architecture.

The ensemble was severely damages during WWII and was restored in 1981. Now the temple is part of St Nikola’s Nunnery.

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