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St Stanislav's Church

Mogilev’s Church of St Stanislav annually hosts the festival of church music called Mahutny Bozha (mighty God) that attracts tourists from all parts of Belarus, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and many non-CIS states. The objective of the festival is to unite the Christian world. Initially the church building hosted a monastery of Carmelites (the order of poor monks that was established in Europe in the 13th century). The wooden building burned down. Later it was restored in stone by order of Russian Tsar Peter the Great.

The cathedral is a perfect specimen of the baroque style in architecture. Its frescos picturing the Bible scenes have a great artistic value.

During the Great Patriotic War that started in 1941 the church hosted the staff of the local anti-fascist movement. Later it was turned into a records office.

During the Soviet epoch the church lost many of its unique frescos and a precious organ (there remained only three such organs in the world, they are kept in the Vatican, Warsaw and Mexico). The church was restored and re-opened only in 1994.

The Roman Catholic Parish of the Assumption of Virgin Maria 4, Komsomolskaya Street, Mogilev, 212030 tel./fax: 212030

Accommodation available at the following hotels of Mogilev:

  • Lira(45, Leninskaya Street, tel. (0222) 25-25-43, 25-29-45)
  • Mogilevkhimvolokno (20, Shmidt Avenue, tel. (+375 222) 441-593)
  • KIM (27, Lazarenko Street, tel. (0222) 22-91-13)
  • Signal (2, Kutepov Street tel. (0222) 44-56-55, 44-62-77)
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  • Dnepr (29, Pervomaiskaya Street, tel. (0222) 25-90-41)
  • Dubravenka (83, Leninskaya Street, tel. (0222) 22-52-81).
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