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Svetlana Tarasenko, the head of the labour, employment and social protection management department of Mogilev regional executive

Светлана Петровна

Each year, on June 1, the majority countries of the world including Belarus, celebrate International Children's Day, that was founded in November 1949 according to the decision of the Council of International Democratic Women’s Federation. International Children's Day aims at protecting life, health and rights of children. We asked Svetlana Tarasenko, the head of the labour, employment and social protection management department of Mogilev regional executive committee, to tell what is done for ensuring high standards of children’s lives in Mogilev region taking one of the regional boarding schools as an example.

- Svetlana Petrovna, аccording to the media, “Vesnovsky boarding school for the disabled children” is one the best establishments of the type in the whole Republic. What are the major tasks of this boarding school?

- First of all, the staff of the school aims at promoting the most favourable conditions for children’s intellectual, emotional, physical and social adaptation. Secondly, educational process is conducted according to the academic programmes and curricula worked out by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. Thirdly, many efforts are made to provide the disabled children with medical and psychophysical care, as well as with proper vocational training. For these purposes 7 specialized groups have been organized. Vesnovsky boarding school is the home for 145 disabled children.

- Vesnovo boarding school: a complex of buildings?

Vesnovo boarding school is located in the village of Vesnovo (Glussk district) and occupies the area of 43 hectares. Its dwelling space and service premises make over a thousand square meters. All premises and buildings are properly maintained.

Under the Program of the President of Belarus “Children of Belarus” for 2006-2010 (Decree №318 by 15.05.2006) Vesnovo boarding school is being reconstructed at the moment.
In 2006 an extension to the dining hall of Vesnovo boarding school (the village of Vesnovo, Glussk district) was put into operation. In 2007 reconstruction of Vesnovo boarding school (the village of Vesnovo, Glussk district) took place. In 2010 Vesnovo boarding school (the village of Vesnovo, Glussk district) holds reconstruction of its banya with installation of a swimming pool. For the purpose in 2010 republican and regional budgets allotted BR1,260,0 mln.

The boarding school has a physiotherapy room, a massage room, psychology relaxation room. A gym allows children to develop their motion and to improve physical health. There are 14 hobby groups and clubs here. Nourishment at the boarding school corresponds to the state standards for different age groups. Living rooms are provided with all necessary furniture. The territory of the boarding school is beautified and provided with a sports ground and a football ground.

- What children are admitted to the boarding school?

- Vesnovsky boarding school admit children having chronic mental diseases, who are in need of special teaching and medical care (according to the Instruction “On medical indications and contra-indications for sending patients to social care establishments of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus from 10.11.2003 № 140/48”, and the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus № 1408 “On measures for fulfilling the Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus from 3.06.2008 № 292”).

- In spite of the fact that only children aged under 18 live in boarding schools Vesnovo has a division for young invalids.

- Yes, Vesnovo boarding school has such a division. At the moment 29 persons live there.

Vesnovo boarding school was the first one in the Republic to open an apartment-type block for those who are over 18. The block consists of one- two-room flats with all modern conveniences and a kitchen supplied with household appliances. 11 young men live in the flats; two of them are wheelchair-bound invalids. The main goal of the apartment-type block is to create cozy atmosphere of home, to adapt young people to independent life.

- Such children are likely difficult to work with, aren’t they?

- Well, to a certain degree it’s true. That’s why the director of our boarding school V.V. Klimovich has made his best to bring professional staff together, but what is more important our teachers are considerate, attentive and kind.

- Sports results prove that rehabilitation works.

- Yes, of course. Sport team of our boarding school took part at Europe Special Junior Games in Italy, and won 3 golden, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals; we also won 2 silver and 3 bronze medals at Republican table tennis sports competition in October 2008; and our team was the third in boccie among children’s boarding schools in 2009.

- Do charitable organizations help “Vesnovsky boarding school for the disabled children”?

- Yes, we acknowledge Irish charitable organization “Children of Chernobyl” for their support and aid.

- Svetlana Petrovna, children with psychophysical deficiencies do not often enter independent life when they grow up, do they?

The cases when children with psychophysical deficiencies have their independent grown-up lives are very rare. At the same time, I want to point out special attention our government pays to these children giving then a chance to have a normal worthy life.

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