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Svisloch children’s resort

The resort is located in mogilev region in a mixed wood on the bank of the river svisloch (120 km away from minsk and 28 km away from the town of osipovichi).

The resort’s hostel (rooms for five and six persons) can accommodate 270 children. 24-day vouchers available.

The resort specialises in blood circulation, digestion and respiratory system disorders.

Svisloch resort is fitted with the latest medical equipment, including clinical and diagnostic laboratories.

The physiotherapy department provides electricity and light therapy, laser therapy, heat therapy, mud, paraffin, mineral wax, magnet therapy, acupuncture, massage, mechanical therapy, rehabilitation sports, phytotherapy, diet therapy, as well as injections.

In addition, there is an inhalations department that treats children suffering from respiratory diseases (including asthma). The `resort also practices various methods to strengthen young patients’ immune system and stabilise the functions of the nervous system.

Consultations of pediatrician, physiotherapist, sports instructor, diet specialist available. Dentist’s services available.

The water therapy department provides all kinds of massage shower, mineral water baths (sodium chloride, 35.8 grams per litre), herbal, sea water, starch and turpentine baths.

The resort has a well drinking mineral water (2.8 – 3.2 grams per litre) rich in bromine, iodine, magnesium, calcium, fluor.

Well-balanced catering available, juices and fruit on the menu.

There is a gym, a library, a dancing hall. Film shows and excursions available.

The administration of the resort regularly organises quizzes, sports competitions and entertainment events. Young patients are welcome to join the available interest clubs and societies.

Ping-pong equipment, bicycles, skis and skates available.

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