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Trans-border Canoeing Adventure

This trans-border (from Russia to Belarus) canoeing adventure on the rivers Oster and Sozh is intended for amateurs, however the basic paddling skills and weekend canoeing experiences will be appreciated.

The trip starts in the Town of Roslavl (Russian Federation), one of the ancient towns in Smolensk Region, established 1137. The final point of the journey is the Belarusian town of Krichev (Mogilev Region).

The route is 200 km long and spans 9 days. The geographic backbone of the tour: Roslavl-Makhi-Lokotets-Snegirevka (day camp) – Mikulichi-Denin-Zimonino-Ustie-Krichev.

For foreign citizens staying in Belarus a Russian visa will be required. For people under 18 travelling without, or with only one parent, a notary-registered permission is required.

While Krichev, you can choose to go on a 300-km class-1 boating tour on the River Sozh. The best time for this adventure would be June through August.

The route passes through Mogilev and Gomel regions with sightseeing tours in Belarusian towns.

The route begins in Krichev, established in 1136. Sights to see: Prince Potyomkin’s Palace, a wooden church in the territory of a former fortress.

When you reach Slavgorod, which rests in steep forest-covered banks of the River Sozh at the point where the River Pronya joins the Sozh.

Slavgorod is an ancient town, which dates back to the IX century. Sights to see: Castle Mount, ancient church, obelisk to commemorate the 1708 battle when the Russian troops beat the Swedish

Corps under General Gustaf Levenhaupt’s command.

The River Sozh is navigable, winds a great deal, with steep banks.

On your way downstream you can’t miss Chechersk (formerly part of the Kingdom of Chernihiv), where the River Chechera joins the Sozh. You can still see the remnants of the castle walls and fortifications on the riverbank. Sights to see: 18th century church, City Hall.

Further downstream, near the village of Berdyzh there used to be a primeval camp first discovered in 1926.

The route is completed in Gomel, which was already a prominent town in the XII century. Sights to see: the Palace of the Rumyantsev-Pashkevich.

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