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«Michurki» farmstead

«Michurki» farmstead

 There is a well-appointed private house with two separate entrances. The total area of the house is 92.3 m2, including 59.9 m2 of residential area. The construction of a bath and a swimming pool (2×3×1,8) hasn’t been finished. Furnace and hot-water heating systems, firewood and peat pellets are used for heating. The house is equipped with fire alarm system.

 Two rooms with shower and WC are being built on the first floor. A veranda may be used as a kitchen, with separate entrance. The farmstead welcomes to have a rest, improve health, take pleasure in beauty of the Drutsk district, cultural and national traditions.

There is a parcel of land near the house to grow vegetables and grain.    

Land improvement of the territory is done.  Recreational area with a summerhouse, fountain, sports and children ground is arranged. Natural gas heating system is to be installed. Asphalt road.


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